Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 5, In Which I Wear Pants

Welcome to a shitty picture of me in interview attire. I can't even tell you how surprised I was that these pants fit. The last time I wore them was in 2004 when I was eating chicken breasts and working out everyday. Sure they were a lot more roomy back then but the mere fact I can button these pants closed without popping a vein is amazing. I confirmed a 1:30PM interview with a dude at an internet startup last night around 1:15AM. I am convinced that computer people run on a vampire's schedule. I had not planned on being up until 2AM, but I was busy doing what I said I would not do - EDITING. I stopped myself before I lost too much of my word count but I went from 6,014 words to 5,559 words then back to 6,014. I deleted and rewrote 455 words. This took 2 hours. I wasted 2 hours to be back where I started but I feel somewhat better about the changes I made. I'm just glad I stopped when I did or my word count would have decreased to something ridiculous, like... 18. When I looked at the clock I figured I'd just throw some coffee down my throat in the morning and I'd be fine.

My alarm went off at 8AM and I immediately reset it. I had given myself some wiggle room in the morning and predicted the resetting of the alarm. I know me so well. I managed to crawl out of bed at 9:30 and didn't even need the assistance of coffee. I hopped on the bus downtown for a meeting I had set for 11AM to test a new blog feature the fine folks at Freebase are working on.

Would you like to see?

Built to Spill is an American indie rock band based in Boise, Idaho. The band has released seven full-length albums. Their most recent...
Musical Genres: Indie rock
Place Musical Career Began: Idaho, Boise
Active as Musical Artist (start): 1992

Interesting, eh?

Demos were done on wordpress and it made me want to move out of blogger. Another project I can take on to procrastinate from writing. While I'm at it, I should start going to Bikram 6 days a week again.

Afterwards, I had timed it so that I would have room to grab lunch and make it down to Bryant St. for my interview but I received a voice mail while I was at Freebase asking to reschedule.

This cleared up time for me to wander around the FIDI in search of VEGAN FROZEN YOGURT.

Which I couldn't find. They've either closed or I am stupid. I didn't remember the address but I had a general idea of where to look on Sacramento and well, I didn't see it so I went home to take off the interview attire and get down to writing.

I started but found my brain wandering. I fiddled with the playstation controlers. I made some popcorn. I read. In an hour I wrote a paragraph. Then Blinky decided she'd rather be on top of my laptop instead of at my feet and she would not stop until I gave in and cuddled.

I needed to leave the house.

I made my way to Haight St. to Coffee To The People. I've written there before and I remembered they had decent vegan treats to fuel myself if need be. While I did putz around online a bit I managed to get another thousand words or so done. I can't say that my plot is going anywhere but in reading some Nanowrimo tactics to move things forward I've realized that I can kill someone off if I want to keep things moving. (thanks d@n) Sweet.

I'm going to give it another try tonight and see if I can squeeze anything else out of my brain. We'll see.

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