Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 6, And then it rained

I turned off my alarm. I decided to skip yoga and felt sleep was more important. Up til 3AM but didn't write. Sent off writing samples to two places who requested them. Two places that don't necessarily want to pay me to write but two places that want me to prove I can communicate information clearly and in a concise manner. I confirmed a job interview for Monday morning. I laid in bed dissecting the emotions swishing inside me like too much whiskey. This took two hours.

Three Categories: Real, Hormonal & Imaginary

I thought about who to throw off a bridge when my story becomes unbearable.

I passed out at some point and woke up to the sound of rain. I smiled, turned off the alarm and fell back asleep.

I woke up and found an email from my old boss to call him. Hmm. Assumption: He cannot find my phone number.

I called him.

Chris: Some things never change. You're not here for me to ask you what your cell phone number is. I found myself starting to yell to you through the door for it.

Temporary misc. hospitality job possibilities. I don't like that they entail me going to Fisherman's Wharf but I'll survive.

I putzed around on wordpress.

I'm not sold, but it made me nostalgic for my previously extinct blog and banner.

I listened to some old Elvis Costello.

Sadia only communicates via twitter.

novicecrafster: woo hoo you're a busy girl! i rode my bike toe the shuttle this morning and it started raining. i got really wet

novicecrafster: is it me or did that second sentence make me sound like i'm 5 yrs old

I shouldn't be on twitter as I swore off social networking for november but really, I only wanted to swear off facebook since facebook makes me feel like I'm 15 years old. Twitter too, but I can swallow 140 characters or less.

lilpinkdresses: rain i love you.

lilpinkdresses: i'm unshowered at my kitchen table in a dirty nightgown. i feel like a tennessee williams play.

I need to get some writing done today and I think this means stomping through some puddles and possibly putting on a sweater. This means more hazelnut milk lattes.

Maybe this time I won't drop 1/2 my doughnut under the couch.

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