Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blogging from Bobby's backyard in Portland is hard on this tiny device but I'm glad it corrects the mistakes my fat fingers make. It's been quite a lovely trip. I couldn't ask for more then this. The trees are turning colors, my feet crunch leaves as we saunter down sidewalks to falafel carts that have vegan chocolate cake. We bundle up under blankets, cocooned around fires with the trains whistling and chugging long into the night. My hands smell like Rosemary. There are green tomatoes in the garden that need to be fried. Cahen's making us an apple pie. I bought a lil 'zine about love unfinished. Pumpkin crepes and sage. If I could live inside a cannoli shell I would. I can burrow and cocoon with my dearest dr. until next spring.

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