Wednesday, December 9, 2009

bikey, face eating and then some

i made soup for breakfast since it didn't seem like i was going to get more then 4 hours of sleep.

looks like baby food, tastes like awesome

recipe here

I pureed all of the soup instead of just a portion by accident but it still came out great. The soup has a lot of flavor without a ton of salt, which is nice. i subbed thyme for cilantro since i didn't have any on hand and it worked. the lemon adds a nice brightness to it. something about lemon and cayenne together makes me swoon.

last month was the month the internet complained about early darkness. this month is the month the internet complains about arctic temperatures. i am one of them but after talking to my sister in Beloit, WI where it was snowing 2 inches an hour, i am putting on a scarf and shutting up.

i spent most of the past few days curled up with the dr. doing the various things we do. cooking, eating, reading, watching tv, putzing. sometimes i feel like i need to be more exciting and spontaneous. i'm fearful my homebodiness is reading as boring but as all the holiday invites pour in the more i'm inclined to pull the covers over my head to hibernate until after january 1. i am sure to be banned from yelp eliteness next year due to missing the holiday party but the last thing i wanted to do was wait in a long line in the cold to get into a hotel ballroom full of food we couldn't eat. free booze really isn't all that appealing to me these days and i don't necessarily have very many yelp friends. who needs free booze when i can drink in the comfort of my fleece pants inside a warm apartment? not that that's what we did. the dr. bought me a bike for xmas and we found a parking lot for me to practice in instead.

after a couple of false starts i started whizzing along and turning, something i've not been able to do previously, which was exciting. i thought about the chunk of my childhood spent indoors. i kept myself chained to a pair of headphones and the record player my sister and i shared. i learned how to live inside my brain. i feared the outside world. it was cold, people were mean and concrete hurt you. the training wheels never came off my bike. i rode my big wheel until i grew too big to fit into it. then i decided i would walk everywhere for the rest of my life.

i got my driver's licence. i still decided i would walk everywhere for the rest of my life. i wasn't stoked to drive. driving didn't mean freedom like it did for a lot of my friends. i knew i was bound for a city soon enough and driving wouldn't be necessary.

being in sf and not being able to ride a bike or drive a car has made me feel transportationally challenged at times.

i circled the parking lot several times and it finally clicked that there was no real way to explain how i was doing it or how i got from the wobbly death grip up and down the dr.'s street that first night he took me out to learn to now. i don't know how i was doing it. i wouldn't be able to teach anyone if they asked me. there are certain key steps for sure, pedal position on taking off and the whole 'don't lean' thing but other then that, i don't quite know how it works or how i got there.

i still lean and for no real reason turning left is really difficult but i can stay upright and haven't broken my face yet.

cars still scare me though. i'm still working on that.

the dr. has the patience of a saint and i am well aware of how lucky i am.

sometimes i get so consumed that i try to eat his face.

10 months and he still makes me swoon. like that whole cayenne & lemon thing, except better. there is this quiet ease and for that i am grateful.

and with that i should get out of the house and get the things i need to start a top secret present project complete with intrigue and mystery. and more brussel sprouts. i love those.

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