Sunday, December 6, 2009

beer happens and then i fall down

this is what i did friday before passing out around 3AM tipsy and unable to pull off making banana wontons.

there is such a thing as too much baking i guess.

also, beer happened. i'm just lucky the baklava and cookies happened before beer otherwise it would have been a bit disastrous.

running late for the bakesale saturday morning i ended up face planting in the middle of sanchez st when my shoe decided to get stuck in the train track. i had woken up full of frenetic energy that i couldn't seem to reign in. i woke up, putzed around the house stupidly wondering what i needed to get done before the bakesale, what did i need to pack, should i pack the cookies and baklava? none of this shit is going to fit in my messenger bag. clothes, books, laptop, food, kombucha. shower. do i need to shower? yes i need to shower. do i have time to shower? no, but I NEED TO SHOWER. my brain running a million miles a minute but my actual body moving at the speed of corona light.

and then i fell.

a car at the intersection had stopped and rolled down their window.


i thought about answering no. i thought about bursting into tears and asking the kind driver to drive over me and put me out of my misery. but when i peered into my paper bag to see that the baklava was still in tact, unscathed from my bellyflop onto the pavement, i decided that i was ok.

something about that fall sorta helped disperse that frantic energy. all of a sudden, i felt a lot better despite a sore knee.

screw the bruised ego. i fall down a lot and i've accepted that this is just a part of my life. coordination has never been my strong suit.

i'm just happy i didn't break my face or my baked goods.

"I'M FINE!" i yelled to the dude in the car as i got up and dusted myself off. i was relieved to find the street pretty empty. no witnesses to my disaster. this is always good.

i dropped my goods off at the busy bakesale and walked away with a box full of goodies that jessica, the dr. and i consumed throughout the day. i tried to take pictures but they didn't do the goods justice. the cinnamon roll was devoured first. then the chocolate croissant. then the ginger apple cake and then the apple pie. there is one lone plain croissant left that i carefully wrapped in saran wrap for the dr. it's not everyday a vegan can have a vegan croissant. my roommate is obsessed with making those pilsbury crescent rolls and their scent in my house taunts me. now that i know vegan croissants are possible i no longer have to covet bread that comes in a scary exploding can.

i'm glad my scattered self settled down. i found a comfy space in maria's house and ate my vegan nacho boy from ike's and spent the rest of the afternoon helping (but not really helping) jessica untangle yarn.

i was a cat in another life.

in other news, the dr. and i ate cardoons last night. weird.

oh and a warning: these sorta suck. don't be fooled by its lure of pretzels, chocolate & cherries. it tastes like none of these wonderful things. it tastes like a cliff bar gone awry.



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