Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SF Vegan Bakesale, December 5th

Hey people, I'm baking for this event once again. December 5th. If I could find a way to transport mini vegan panna cotta's I would, but as that is highly unlikely, I struggle with what to make. Last month I made florentines and brownies. There are big name bakeries who've got the market covered on cupcakes of all kinds. People make breads, cinnamon rolls and cookies. I want to do something different. I'm not a big name bakery, I'm an unemployed girl who likes to bake. What's something different I can bring to the table?

I toy around the idea of a gigantic carafe of hot chocolate, made with a mix of almond milk, coconut cream and melted Callebaut 56%. DEAR GOD. I WANT. LIKE NOW.

I want to recreate Bittersweet Cafe's Classic.

I made cookies after yoga because I wanted my house to smell good. Now it does. I will eat some of them and continue writing, it's only 11PM. I've got another four hours in me. I think.

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