Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 19, Spiderbites and Arling & Cameron

I had no idea that half way through the book that Laura would have some sort of lesbian phase.

I don't even know if it's really a phase or for reals.

All of this is so confusing.

I wrote a song about it on the Child Prodigy. I don't remember the words but it's about kissing someone with lip piercings (which I spent a page describing as Laura's new obsession has them) and how Nanowrimo is making me fat. I keep rewarding myself with food. I look forward to Heated Yoga tonight. It's not Bikram nor is it 100 degrees, but I can use a vigorous vinyasa class in a hot room.

Spiderbites are two piercings placed together on one side of the lower lip. This is not important to the plot but I research this anyways.

Up late listening to too much Arling & Cameron and the story goes all bat shit crazy.

I got up this morning and ran to the door so the UPS man could hand me a package. I wasn't quite awake until I shut the door and realized I wasn't wearing much. Underwear with popsicles on it and a tank top. I wouldn't be so horrified but the elastic waistband on this pair is on its last leg and sheer willpower cannot keep the pair alive yet I continue to wear them. Apparently I have this *deep-seated need to show the world my danish.

Look what happens when I don't leave my house. Muni takes away my bus stop. I am not so much concerned as we can all stand to walk a block or two more to get to a stop, except for those who are handicapped or elderly. That might suck. Photo courtesy of SFist.

Nothing exciting to report so I'll stop the babble. Back to it. Dntel, an entire jar of thai green curry paste and a large glass of water. And maybe some socks because my feet are cold and the sun is going to disappear in 40 minutes or so.

*correction (thanks monkey!) :)


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