Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skinny Pants and then Some

As of 2:00 PM

Breakfast: 1 Banana, 1 Slice of Wheat Berry bread w/ 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter, 1 grande soy latte
Cardio: 20 minute warm up (avg. heart rate 156)
Weight Training: 3 reps of Upper Arms & Shoulders (Lat Pull Down, Row Machine)
Abs & Misc: 2 sets Elbow to knee side to side crunches, 1 set elbow to knee crunches, Plank & Side Plank
Lunch: Large Mixed Green Salad w/ croutons, grilled chicken, shredded carrot, grape tomatos, avocado, fresh mozzerella, Balsamic Vinegar, 1 Vitamin Water Green Tea Rescue
Water: 45 oz consumed
Calories consumed:1049

I thought I was going to die yesterday.

Not only was it full on Day 1 of my period, I had angered the intestinal gods and had several "emergencies" at the gym yesterday afternoon. I won't gross anyone out with the details, but I made a promise to make a real REAL effort this time, to cut out the bad chinese food. Nice Dim Sum lady aside, free egg rolls aside, I can't afford fallout while I'm going for broke on the eliptical machine.

Afterwards I was back at work, drained and feeling like I had severely dehydrated myself. I sipped water as gulping made me gassy and feel worse. I contemplated not going to Bikram that evening. My period made me feel like a cranky baby in an old diaper. Gastrointestinal distress had me wondering if I could make it through 90 minutes of compress/release yoga without releasing too much. Work was retarded.

Yeah. I wanted to die.

But I climbed into my yoga pants, one leg at a time and made myself go.

Class was hard. I was sandwiched between two sweaty males in class, which is rare. Standing Bow on my right leg is quite awesome, on my left, not so much. I get 1/2 way down to the ground in toe stand, though not on the ball of my foot. Fixed Firm is still a distant dream for me, I can't sit between my heels to save my life. My knees feel like rubber bands about to break so I back off.

I walked out of class soaking wet, more then normal. You could wring out all my clothing and produce a 20 oz glass of sweat, guaranteed.

I got home and plopped on my bed on my stomach and laid there for what seemed like forever. I was glad I made it to class, it was exactly what I needed, but I felt broken. Completely and utterly exhausted.

The days I don't want to go to class are the days I need it the most.

The boys days off are different this week so I didn't go to class this morning and opted for cardio/weight training lunch, followed by a trip to Lucy to buy new comfy pants on sale.

I tried on these pants last week. They're like some special bamboo pants with all these organic certifications, blah, blah, blah. They were $80 so I said, no thank you, though they were the softest things on the planet.

I walk by Lucy to grab some lunch and there's a 30% off sale, off of all current markdowns. I find the pant, it's $49 plus 30%.

Hello $32 pants that used to be $80! Welcome to my ever growing collection of comfy pants!

Truth be told, I bought them because I randomly tried on a pair of my skinny pants this morning. They came out of the drawer while I was digging for something respectable to wear today (that weren't comfy pants because I'm feeling too slovenly these days at the office). I didn't necessarily think I should put them on. They're a size 10 pair of Editor pants from Express (2004). I wore these when I was at my skinniest, 145 lbs. I've been weighing myself and the scale hasn't budged more then 2-3 lbs depending (and I don't count the after Bikram weigh-in that always has me down 5 lbs). There would be no way in the world these pants would fit as I'm more then 35 lbs heavier then I was in 2004.

Well they almost do.

They came up all the way. I'm about 4-5 inches away from zipping them up completely, but my thights and my butt fit in the pants fine without looking like I'm breaking the seams. How this is possible is beyond me because THE SCALE HAS NOT BUDGED!?!

I told myself that when I lost the first 10-15 lbs I would do something nice for myself. Well, I didn't make that mark, but I bought the comfy pants because I must have hit some sort of milestone to make those size 10 pants fit.

Milestones don't always have to be weight related. I need to remember that.

In other news, I've decided that if my yoga practice continues in this pattern for the next 6 months, without losing steam and without losing interest, I need to just do myself a favor and start getting my teaching certification.

In other, OTHER news, I didn't hit dim sum after class last night. I just ate 1/2 of the biggest salad I've ever seen for lunch right now. Step in the right direction. No, there was no spam OR bacon in the salad.

And look, no Pocky for breakfast today either!

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Rory said...

It's the muscles that throw you off...

I have had this happen where the numbers have not changed and yet thngs suddenly fit. It is so weird but awesome...