Saturday, December 13, 2008


As of 10:33 AM

Bikram: 8:00 AM (approx. calories burned: 900)

Breakfast: 1 Banana, 8 oz, Organic Low Fat Chocolate Milk

Water: 65 oz consumed
Calories consumed: 240

Sometimes I feel like a loser who goes to bed relatively early to make yoga at the crack of dawn. Sometimes, I don't.

I realize I am on a completely different path then most of my friends so sometimes I feel on the out and outs. The boy and I have our quiet nights in, for the most part and I sneak away to Bikram and plan time for the gym while most people I know are recovering from Friday night debauchery. Sometimes I worry that I may be boring. Long gone are the stories of waking up with cheese in my hair from falling asleep face first in a piece of 2AM pizza.

While I know the path I am taking is right for me, it makes me feel bad that I may lose people along the way because I don't necessarily drink the same way anymore, nor feel the need to be out and about. I hope I don't lose people, but sometimes I feel like such an outsider that it makes me wonder if people think I've gone completely off the deep end.

In other news, I haven't had a soda, diet or otherwise, since Monday. That's big for me. Bully for me.

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