Monday, January 4, 2010

@ the grind

hello unusually sunny january day. i am cold. i changed into a dress. i am grateful for whole wheat bagels w/ peanut butter. i am contemplating more coffee. i've spent the past 2-1/2 hours editing with 'dia. i watched her eat an omlette. i am still vegan but i can watch someone else eat eggs just fine although sometimes i miss them. the more i smell cheese though, the more i realize i don't miss it. i need more sleep. i love this scarf. i'd like to be more diligent with editing my own writing. i need a haircut. i am singing along with regina spektor out loud.

"you are my sweetest downfall. i loved you first. i loved you first."

it's too high. her voice. for me anyways.

it breaks my heart.

one more essay to go but i can really go for some juice.

tamie got married this weekend and it wasn't really as shocking as it should be. it would probably be more shocking if someone else got married. i am happy that she is happy. i want to throw her a party. in an alternate universe i would be married to peanut butter whole wheat bagels. i'm sure i would be shunned. i'm sure i'd be banished for my love affair with such an illicit breakfast treat.

i like ben gibbard. he's part of the holy trinity. (colin meloy-andrew bird-ben gibbard - alternate: zack condon)

the verdict is out on his new wife. i still don't think she can sing.

(jason will hate me for that statement. sorry dude!)

p.s. happy new year internets. any year where i don't start it with bronchitis is bound to be a good one.

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