Monday, December 28, 2009


my very first post in this blog noted that i would not be able to keep a vegetarian diet because i was permanently scarred from the low carb diet that a future of fruit and veggies would fuck with my brain in ways I would never be prepared to handle.

har. har.

i also spelled vegetarian wrong.

this was only november 2008.

life is funny.

in other news i finished cat's cradle, started you fucked up by robert rowboat and held standing bow for the entire duration with my foot clearly visible coming up above my head. class was especially sweaty. i don't know if the room was hotter or if i was just feeling weak kneed but camel made me want to throw up. i saw elizabeth for the first time in months today too and she welcomed me back and asked if i had died.

"sorta," i answered.

i had forgotten this bikram business came along with buckets of sweat. this means loads of laundry. wet towels, wet clothes, wet mat. i stumbled into my little market on haight st. on my way home from class to pick up some veggies and my skinny shaggy haired friend who works there asked me why i was always wet.

which reminded me of the dude who would smell me on the n judah.

people are funny.

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