Sunday, December 27, 2009

there is a light that never goes out

I've been starting posts then finding reasons not to post them. Lots of internal blabber that comes with not being home for the holidays and obligations. Nothing good and nothing worth posting so I've got 8 million saved drafts. Oh well.

Tonight's thunderstorm was gigantic...and short. The sky lit up and Blinky actually woke up from her nap to acknowledge the rare occasion of lightening in San Francisco.

I lit candles in preparation for a blackout since we've gotten one every winter I've lived here but the power never went out and now the rain has stopped and I'm sitting in a candle lit room wearing rubber rain boots drinking hot chocolate wishing the storm would come back. I love this weather more then anyone I know. I remember a couple of years ago contemplating moving to Seattle for the weather but found Seattle to feel disjointed and strange. San Francisco can be disjointed and strange as well but it's my kinda strange.

The dr. and I went to Gracias Madre for dinner. We were laying in bed on our respective tiny internet devices and I read that they were finally open. It was opening day so we made our way through the drizzle in hats and scarves and walked into a warm and inviting restaurant bustling with activity and people. A nice turn out for opening night on a rainy day after Christmas. Guacamole, house made ginger ale, and three tacos later we rolled ourselves back to his house full of beans, corn tortillas and various veggies.

The sweet dr. walked me to the bus stop and waited for the 33 with me, rounding out a lovely quiet holiday full of food, bike riding, Doctor Who, slicing things with my new mandolin, lots of sleeping and reading. Not bad for my first Christmas in San Francisco.

We briefly discussed New Years Eve and I haven't been able to muster up the energy to plan anything and would not mind a repeat of this weekend since it was so nice. Maybe more Smiths and some Nog, which I forgot he had in the fridge. Maybe I'll grow some balls and actually decide I can ride my bike in the street with actual cars. Maybe I'll pick up another Vonnegut book since I'm almost done 'Cat's Cradle' and I'm actually stalling finishing it since I'm enjoying it so much. Maybe we'll surprise ourselves and go somewhere and get drunk. Maybe I'll make ice cream.

I just hope I can wear my rain boots.

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