Wednesday, December 2, 2009

pudge budge

According to the scale I've only put on 3 lbs. during Nanowrimo. According to how I feel, I've put on 10. Sluggishness I'm sure is due to being sickly, it sucks that I want to go be active, but my body reminds me that I spent a good chunk of last night hacking up little alien life forms. Yin Yoga was nice, ligaments definitely needed some room to breathe but the class is passive. My yang wants out. It wants to run through fields of fennel singing, skipping and raising my heart rate.

I was up ridiculously early. Strange dreams. I was a human sized Lite-Brite for Halloween and people kept stealing my pegs, which was like stealing my soul. I was trying to explain to them that it wasn't funny and I could call the cops if I wanted to but no one was listening. Frat boys moved my pegs around to make a picture of a penis. Surprise, surprise. I felt somewhat helpless as both elbows and knees were hindered by the Lite-Brite box. Dreams like this make me wanna stab the human race in the face.

This coupled with being flirted with on the phone by whoever was handling my call at the credit union this morning has me feeling weary and baffled. Who asks you if you've got a boyfriend on a customer service call?!?! Who? Isn't this call being recorded for quality assurance purposes? This normally wouldn't have bothered me but I apparently am feeling rather defensive and cranky this morning.

Since I can't go running or do anything too taxing lest I want to cough up an organ in public I guess I'll go for a walk.

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