Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 26, Now that I've Given Spanks

Can I finish the novel without this cold/sore throat-y thing getting in the way?

Spent the past 13 hours in the kitchen.

Now that I managed to do the impossible and fit the leftovers into my tiny ass fridge I am going to make myself a hot toddy, get into a hot shower and sweat the shit out of this cold.

We ran out of alcohol so the gang went to the bar and I must admit that I am grateful for an empty house so I can decompress and decongest in private. It's a sure sign that I'm definitely old. I mean, I'm putting a kettle on for tea while the kids run off to Haight St. for libations and drunken stumbles home.

I do not care. This is my life and I am not ashamed. I will get 12 hours of sleep and you will be jealous.

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