Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 14, 15, 16 Sloth Like Behavior & Haikus

This coffee could be a mistake or a miracle. I'm banking it'll be more a mistake, but it's only 6PM and I'm ready to climb into bed after being in bed 90% of the day.

I slept a lot this weekend.

The last time I felt this way was when I was a new vegan, anemic and iron deficient.

I came home today, took my much needed supplements and devoured some comfort food. While I've been struggling with real foods versus reconstructed food products sometime you say fuck it. Daiya may be full of different oils and such but there's nothing too out of the ordinary in its list of ingredients so I made myself a grilled cheese with some tomato and spinach thrown in for good measure (and iron).

Daiya makes me squidgy in the pants (it's that good).

Random Fact of the Day: Spinach is a good source of iron but it also has oxalic acid which prevents the body from absorbing the iron-y goodness within so it should be consumed with veggies and fruits that have vitamins that can assist with absorption. My cousin in med-school informed me that Vitamin C helps, so citrus fruits, tomatoes, brussel sprouts and broccoli help.

I'm sure you knew this. I did not, until a couple of months ago when I found myself constantly passing out on Jeff's couch whenever the opportunity arose.

Reason 1,002 to love Jeff: He lets me sleep in until 4PM when I need to.

I still don't know if this sloth like behavior is diet related or not. I did push it Thursday/Friday, working late and getting up early in an effort to finish up stuff so I could get back to the novel. Taking a couple of days off I feel behind, but I'm not too worried. This week is looking pretty open to just buckle down and write.

The only writing I did was while waiting for the 33 Stanyan. Bus stop Haikus a'plenty.

Man beer is heavy
Waiting for the thirty-three
Peach Blossoms in spring.

Wool socks makes toes itch
Thanks nearby botanicals
Shit, that's not aloe.

In other news, I'm glad these things exist, I just don't know if I can handle vegetarian squid.

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