Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 10, Help

Things that are helping:

Yoga (thanks Michael)
PANTONE Orange 021 EC
Double layer of knee highs over tights
Red hoodie dress
new Tegan & Sara
soy yogurt
Write or Die

I managed to get some writing done last night and am settling to do more today. Not much to report other then I'm still not completely happy with my prose but at least the plot is getting interesting. I'm not thinking things through and using Write or Die. This novel is being fueled by fear and adrenaline. There are worst things I guess.

For the record, 10 days in, I want to stop writing. I'm tired. My plants are dying. My sourdough starter seems to be dying as well. I'm eating like a college student. My cat hates me. I'm surrounded by death and ramen and loathing.

*cue tiny violin*

(I'll shut up now)

When I got home from yoga I found Blinky licking Ganesh like someone dipped him in catnip. I don't know what that's about but I pulled him from his hiding spot and brought him to the table. Deities help too.

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