Wednesday, September 23, 2009

because at some point I went from badass to betty crocker

I'll be baking for this event next month. :)

Standing in the Fillmore last night at the Bon Iver show I couldn't help but remember the countless times I've been in that same venue, staring at that same stage, under those same chandeliers...wishing for a folding chair.

Oddly enough, I was doing that stand dancing people do at crowded concerts last week. Eric and I had gone to the Warfield to see Phoenix and not once did I wish for a chair. Upon further reflection, I think it's because Bon Iver is more of a sit down and contemplate your past relationships and how you managed to not slit your wrists while Phoenix is a more 'WE'RE FRENCH AND SOMETIMES OUR LYRICS DON'T MAKE SENSE! LET'S DANCE!'.

I guess the Fillmore has always felt a little weird to me. I've gone to tons of shows there, many of them stellar, but the venue, for all its history, leaves me feeling a little 'blah'. I got home from the show last night starving and after combing through my random pantry decided to make oatmeal.

God. I'm old.

I pulled out my journal and a sharpie wrote in big bold letters:


An evening of Justin Vernon's falsetto stabbing me in the heart with 'Skinny Love' and 'Wolves Act I&II', achy knees and oatmeal.

I blame September and its false starts. Indian Summer has been coming and going in little spurts. I just want it to be Fall already I guess. Spring and Summer are so playful that they're youthful. Fall just seems more serious. I want scarves and mittens and funny looking hats. Ok, maybe not really too serious, but it tends to be the transition period where things seem to slow down. Too much kapha. My dosha is all sluggishness and withdrawal.

So I'm putting on some Phoenix and heading outside.

"Do let do let do let jugulate* do let do let do"

*Jugulate: To cut the throat of. Oh Phoenix, you're so...interesting.

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