Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is what I look like at 5:06 AM on no sleep.

Prepping to go to the coldest place in the universe.

San Francisco seems to drop into the 20s sometime after 3:00 AM. I don't remember what prompted me to go for a walk but it beat sitting around worrying if I'm packing enough fleece and flannel for my arctic vacation.

The air made my skin tingle outside as I made my way down Fulton to nowhere in particular. I found myself walking along the edges of Golden Gate Park past 21st Ave. and started to internally freak out. The street was quiet and the shadows beneath the trees just made me think of things that lurk so I turned around and made my way back home. If I hadn't scared myself into thinking about such things I'm sure I would have made it to the beach.

And then I would have cried because that would mean I would have to walk back home or wait for a 5 OWL.

I made it back home pretty fast for someone with little legs.

I want to lie down but I've got a mere hour left till I should hop on Bart.

My eyeballs are so tired they want to jump out of their sockets and punch me in the face.

My cat is trying to eat my power cord.

I ate 4 pieces of sourdough toast this morning, yesterday morning, you know, the last time it was breakfast.

My arms are really brown from this weekend. I think my nose is peeling.

For no real reason I put my fist into my water glass just to see if it'll fit.

It does.

I need to get to the airport.

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