Monday, February 23, 2009

Wetness is the Essence of Moisture

And we're drowning in it these days, which is perfectly fine with me as it allows me to enjoy my downtime spent indoors, whether its setting up shop in my tub complete with ipod, book, magazine, cell phone, glass of wine, glass of water, laptop and a residual cupcake that did not fit in the box o' cc's produced for the doctor, or lounging in and out of sleep until the wee hours of the early afternoon just because you can.

Sunshine is awesome and welcome most of the time as it does force me to be active, but with so much rolling around in my brain, slowing things down, putting the white hot noise of "Do! Do! Do!" on pause is nice. The voice has quieted down a bit. It's no longer rambling in the back of my brain explaining to me how I need to finish my taxes, send out my resume, finish the novel, clean my room, solve world hunger, cancel my gym membership, finish this week's issue of "The Week" before the next one arrives, read a book, fix the back patio door, win Nobel Peace Prize and call my mother back. It's whispering those things, but I've gotten good at ignoring it this month in favor of the sweeter, gentler voice that's telling me to take a nap because I need it all those other things will still be there to do when I get up.

Sometimes you just need to cut yourself some slack, eat a goddamn cupcake and drink in the tub.

Work let me out early Friday and I met up with Hallmark to wander to Whole Foods then home with provisions for dinner and Vegan Cupcake Project #1. Sadia ended up coming over as well with a baguette and fake "sausage" to add to dinner and while the kids played "Let me show you this YouTube video!" I chopped, simmered, sauteed and shredded. What started out as simply pasta, ended up being a veritable mish-mosh of awesome things. Tomatos, garlic, onions, basil, italian "sausage", broccoli, olive oil and perlini mozzarella balls and well, it was like God threw up heaven into a bowl. Sadia managed to put away 4 bowls as it was her only meal of the day. We sat around with horrific breath for another 4-5 hours playing each other new music. I commenced baking and after a minor frosting mishap, produced an army of cruel-free desserts that no one would have ever guessed were vegan:

And yes, that is my place mat Map of the United States that I made my sees-ter buy me at some random craft store in New Jersey, along with the place mat with all of the US Presidents.

"What do you need those for?" She asked. I had asked her to get them since I didn't have any cash on me. "I mean, like, why?"

"How else am I ever going to learn? I spend 90% of my time eating, I might as well memorize the presidents and the state capitals."

She bought them and never asked me "Why" or "What" ever again.

I miss my seest-er. A lot.

After the kids housed several cupcakes, they took off and I putzed around the house till 2AM for no real reason.

This enabled me to skip morning yoga, though I did the requisite setting of the alarm for 7:00 AM only to promptly re-set it for a more reasonable time.

Blinky sat on my face in disapproval. She likes getting fed as early as possible so I got up, fed her, then locked her out of my bedroom so I could sleep.

I'm usually a punctual person. Ask anyone who knows me, I'm usually the un-cool first guest at a party, an hour early for class, the one who makes it to shows when doors open. It's hardwired into me to be neurotic about time, but as all my normal tendencies seem to be shifting and changing this year, I am finding myself almost late or completely late to everything and anything. I left the house a 1/2 hour later then anticipated to catch the bus to meet the doctor.

I'm also the person who is prepared for a natural disaster OR the person who carries all important documents or information when I go out. I'm the one who printed out the tickets ahead of time and has them in hand. I'm the one with the map. I'm the one who writes out the directions and the address and knows where we're going.

The new me of the 2009 is still carrying all pertinent information, but just not the right information. I rang the wrong doorbell to the wrong house and accidentally interrupted the afternoon activities of a pretty nice older bearded gentleman who lives at the address I had incorrectly written down.

I was relieved to find the right address and after that was settled and I was in the right place 45 minutes later then anticipated, the rest of the day, the rest of the weekend really, played itself out without my brain capsizing with worry, stress or anything of the sort. While the me of yesteryear is organized, punctual and prepared, the me of yesteryear would have over analyzed things to a bloody pulp and all I'd have left would be the memory of what could have been a good time and not any real knowledge of enjoying the moment.

We share an affection for agedashi tofu, Battlestar, and tea. And while he's not a real doctor (he just plays one on tv), I watched as he performed surgery on my poor 3-year old ipod with precision and skill.

Hunger inevitably struck again and we ventured out in the rain for dosas and I inhaled that minty-cilantro sauce despite my distaste for wet condiments.

Sunday, I made it right on time to meet Tamie at the Red Vic for the Muppet Movie. We shuffled inside from the rain with over 10 kids and their parents. It didn't occur to me there would be children at the theater which is odd. I had forgotten, yes, this was a children's movie, but I never thought there would be actual kids at the movie. They were relatively well behaved and the ones that weren't were fun to watch as their parents chased them around the theater.

Starving, Tamie and I went to grab noodles at the Citrus Club only to have the diner next to us fall asleep at his table, claim to have forgotten his wallet at home and got arrested all within the course of 30 minutes as I buried my face into the bowl of rice noodles and wontons. His table was so close to ours that I was amazed we managed to hold a normal conversation as all of this went down a mere foot away from us.

She walked me home, used the loo and we ate 2 of the reject vegan cupcakes that didn't fit into the box and dished some more. When she left, I hauled everything that meant anything to me into the bathroom and set up shop in the bathtub. I don't know why I do this. I didn't even crack open my laptop, but just knowing it was a couple of feet away made me feel secure. I know. Don't ask. I couldn't explain it if I tried.

I woke up to the rain again this morning and my shoes are still dry from this wet weekend so I'm in good shape.

I may not have a job come Thursday, but I'll figure it out. There are worst things that can happen. And if I lose my job, at least there will be more time to yoga, to loaf around with a particularly handsome boy who does nice things for me, to putz with friends and swim through street puddles.

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Alicia said...

Good entry, Jen. So good I'd even try one of those vegan cupcakes:)