Monday, February 9, 2009

18 Wheeler

Sometimes all you need is to run away to Oakland for a rainy day for some biscuits and chicks dishin'. S. got a zipcar and carted B., S., J. and I around while we do what only girls do best. We fart, eat, curse, make illegal u-turns and play Super Market Sweep in Target 8 minutes before they have to close.

Oh, and they get caught playing 18 Wheeler without putting any money in the machine, complete with making driving noises with my mouth.

Besides Sunday with my girls and the return of JH, J. came over for Battlestar, S. and I sushi boated and were filmed in Yerba Buena Park by Art Academy students, L. and I drank till 1AM and I managed to escape this weekend unscathed and relatively happy.

I will also admit that this happiness is also due to the purchase of a rather ridiculously priced dress and the fact that it was a size smaller they I usually wear.

And yes, I got cat called as I walked down Octavia St. to Market Saturday night. Yow!

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