Saturday, February 14, 2009


I can't seem to pry myself out of bed this morning. I heard the rain when my alarm went off for the first time so I reset it and when it went off again I flipped open my laptop, put on Andrew Bird's Noble Beast and spooned Blinky till we both fell asleep again. I like that she doesn't complain that I play the same songs on repeat over and over again and doesn't mind that I sometimes sneeze right into her fur (by accident).

Eric is with Ikaika at the Palace Hotel this weekend so I get to walk around the apartment in my underwear, which sometimes, is all I want to do. It's cold out so I turn on the heat so I can saunter from room to room in panties and a tank top and not worry about offending anyone.

Even though I just totally offended myself by using the word panties. Eeeeeew.

I hate that word just as much as I hate the sound mayo makes when Eric swirls his knife in the jar or when someone uses the word ointment. It makes my face twitch.

I missed both Bikram classes this morning but I'll survive. There is no real food in the house though. I don't know how we let that happen since we live a block from a grocery store.

I mean, we have cat food. No.

I just need to man up, put on a dress and brave the store. When I'm starving though I walk the aisles like an idiot and I inevitably end up leaving with ingredients for something too complicated to make or... a handful of bananas.

It's just one of those mornings where you wished that someone just went ahead and invented teleporting already.

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