Monday, February 2, 2009


We talked and while I left the conversation feeling better, I automatically tried to turn off the brain to enjoy the feeling. Normal. I felt remotely normal. For a second.

Then I felt my heart feel heavy.

He doesn't believe in or understand love.

I understand and I am full of love.

We are not the right people for each other.

It feels good to recognize this. It feels awful knowing that at some point, I could have avoided all of this by not ignoring the signs that were blantantly in front of me.

I need to pack my things and go.


Rory said...

It is good to know where he comes from. And to know that he is crazy-ish and that is not you're fault.

I hope it helps

Alicia said...

Loving those who don't know the pleasure and pain of the emotion make it doubly unendurable. I hope your heart mends; there will be more love after this.