Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm starting to feel almost normal again, which is odd in itself since I don't remember feeling normal since about November. December was its usual business of holiday and wedding (again). January was frought with heartache and bronchitis. February is still making me feel antsy though, Well maybe not antsy, but annoyed. I've never thought twice about the whole corporate holiday Valentine's Day is, as it is bullshit through and through, but I hate that when it gets closer all of a sudden shit is red and pink and it starts to grate on me that I am 32 and I have had one, count that ONE, real VD with a significant other that actually was some sort of announcement of genuine love. It's all so silly. It's really stupid. I'm going to ignore it, but whenever I brush past the seasonal candy aisle in Walgreens I want to throw up.

But this is supposed to be a post about feeling better. Right. Yes. I feel better. Except for when I'm in Walgreens.

Thank you Jesus for the pillow fight. I really need an excuse to beat stranges with complete abandon.

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Alicia said...

VDs are overrated. Oh, and so are valentine's days:)