Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I will admit it. I wanted to hurl myself onto the ground yesterday and throw a hissy fit of 5 year old proportions. I just felt like it. I couldn't control it. I wanted nothing more then to flail all limbs and scream.

There is no specific reasoning for this, I just couldn't seem to function like a normal person. I went to Vinyasa at noon. I glued my mouth shut for most of the day. I refused to partake in random office drama. I sludged through the mud pit that was Tuesday, February 10th waiting for the chance to get home, throw my shoes against the wall, take off my bra to sling shot it across the room and chop potatoes with a fury (new knives helped, oh so sharp!).

I made a potato fritata got into the shower and crawled into bed obnoxiously early just so I could be done with it. I skipped Bikram. I tried to meditate and failed miserably. I kept my phone on vibrate and didn't car whose texts or calls I missed. I grabbed my cat, got into bed, threw the covers over my head and woke up at 5:15 AM this morning.

I'm ok. I think. I don't know why so angry. I don't know why so childishly and stupidly angry.

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Aunt Bee said...

sometimes we get stupidly and childishly angry. just happens is all.