Thursday, January 29, 2009

Epic Fail

Some situations are like God handing you a bag of poop and telling you you have to carry this with you for awhile.

Who's got two thumbs and a baggie of poop?

This girl.

I look forward to waking up one day free of this crap-albatross, but in the meantime, I carry on, carry on.

To distract myself I will do some of these things on this list:

-buy a ukulele
-do my taxes
-spend more time with friends
-get a tattoo
-wax my eyebrows (a first!)
-go asian burgandy (not a first, but Setch told me burgandy haired asians are in season)
-finally use that bday gift certificate for the Nob Hill Spa at the Huntington Hotel
-seek therapy
-get accupuncture
-eat cake
-visit Miranda in Austin, TX.
-eat burritos
-live at Donut World for 24 hours
-create my own You Tube Channel
-visit my sister in Beloit, WI
-edit my novel
-make pork chops!
-watch Battlestar and Lost
-visit Ryan in Hong Kong
-wash the maple syrup smell off my cat
-fix the back patio door
-do a 30 day Bikram challenge
-eat cans of Spam
-gain an unhealthy addiction to cough syrup (check!)
-make videos of gay friends interpretive dance
-go to the dentist
-watch Rock of Love...Bus
-read new Scott Pilgrim book
-buy new ipod
-buy myself flowers
-take a spin class
-finish the Frank Herbert book
-get into more Muni fights
-shank a bitch
-play more guitar
-floss more
-drink more whiskey
-throw up
-lather, rinse, repeat

(photo cred MTKrav911 on
I'm pretty sure that's Chuck Liddell getting Nyquilled!

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